About Us

BriskRemit​,​ a subsidiary of Snel Telecommunications​,​ is a bonded, licensed, and registered money Transfer company that provides flexible, convenient, and secure money transfer round the world. Our team consists of Financial and Technology Professionals who have worked in both industries for decades. This world-class talent and resources allows BriskRemit to deliver a unique, scalable Money Transfer System to meet the needs of our customers.

Taking Control and Tracking Your Money

In today's competitive market place, customers demand the ability to control and track their funds anytime and from anywhere. In this case BriskRemit has implemented a money transfer and tracking system to help you track your transfers from the convenience of your home, cell phone or computer. With our Money Transfer System, you will be able to do the following:

Register online and take control of your money transfers.

Use Interac Online to send money to your family.

Why BriskRemit?

BriskRemit is the most reliable, affordable, and secure money transfer system that guarantees complete satisfaction. BriskRemit, Fastest way to transfer Money across the Border.

Awesome customer support

We don't do complicated automated systems. We have great people ready to help you whenever you need it.

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