Money Remittance

What is Remittance?

A remittance is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to an individual in his or her home country.

What is BriskRemit?

BriskRemit is a Money Service Business, that is licensed, bonded, and registered in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada under Snel Telecommunications. We are registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Currently we provide allowance remittance from Canada to Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Congo DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria & Uganda

Why Should I Use BriskRemit?

BriskRemit is better for several reasons. We are safe and secure, offer secure online services, a referral program, a rewards program and most importantly, lower fees. BriskRemit, guarantees next day delivery or the same day delivery in some situations. Below are the highlights why you should use BriskRemit.

Easy, safe and reliable online money transfer
You can send money over the phone by calling our customer service
You can track all your transactions via our web site
You will receive e-mails notifications for all your transactions
We provide direct bank deposit to your account in The Gambia

BriskRemit is the most reliable, affordable, and secure money transfer system that guarantees complete satisfaction. BriskRemit, Fastest way to transfer Money across the Border. Check us out Today!

How Long Does a Fund Transfer Take?

Funds can be received on the same day or the next business day, depending on the availability of the beneficiary. Local business practices and time zone differences however, may affect delivery times. BriskRemit, will do it's best to ensure that funds are paid on the day that we promised. Currently, we guarantee next day delivery. In some cases, BriskRemit can deliver on the same day.

Identity Verification

What type of document do you accept in order to verify my identity?

If we need to verify your identity we can accept the following:

Current signed passport
Current Canadian driver's licence
Current Canadian ID card.

Why do I need to provide ID?

Every customer needs to have their identity verified at some stage when using BriskRemit. Part of this process involves photo ID verification.

Is there anything else I need to know?

a) Regulations are different if you are sending $1,000 or more. Please click here if you need more information on this.

b) If you are providing photo ID, it needs to include the following:

Your photograph
Your full name
Your date of birth
The expiry date (the documents MUST NOT be expired)
The two lines of letters and numbers at the bottom of the document (The MRZ)

c) We may at some stage need further documentation from you after initial verification. If this is the case we will contact you by e-mail to advise you.

d) Please send a high-quality image. If the image is unclear we may ask for another copy.

e) We need to see the full document including all four corners. If we cannot see the full document we may ask for another copy.

What are the fees?

Our fee depends on sending amount, sending method and receiving country, visit our website for live exchange rates and transaction fee.

Sending Limits: Accounts are established with a $10,000 per month sending limit

With BriskRemit you can send up to $8,000 if you pay using Interac Online or $2,000 if you pay with a credit or debit card.

Sending $1,000 or more

If you're sending $1,000 or more, you'll need to supply us with some additional information.

This is because of Canadian regulations governing payments when you and the company you're paying don't meet face-to-face (including online services).

These rules affect all companies - not just BriskRemit.

What to do

The first time you send $1,000 or more with BriskRemit, your transfer will be paused and we will ask you to send us the following:

1) A certified copy of a valid ID unless we can electronically verify your details

2) A bank statement

3) Your occupation

Once your documents and information have been checked and verified by BriskRemit, we'll complete your money transfer.

Please note: If you are sending from Quebec we will need this information and documentation each time you send, not just the first time.

How should the ID be certified?

A copy of the original document must be certified by a commissioner of oaths or a guarantor.

A copy of the certified photo ID document must show the name, profession, address, and signature of the commissioner of oaths or the guarantor.

A guarantor can be:

a dentist, a medical doctor, or a chiropractor
a judge, a magistrate or lawyer
a notary (in Quebec) or a notary public
an optometrist or a pharmacist

an accredited public accountant (APA), a chartered accountant (CA), a certified general accountant (CGA), a certified management accountant (CMA), a public accountant (PA) or a registered public accountant (RPA)

a professional engineer (P. Eng., in a province other than Quebec) or engineer (Eng. in Quebec)

a veterinarian

A valid ID can be:

1) Birth certificate
2) Driver's license
3) Passport
4) Permanent resident card
5) Record of landing
6) Certificate of Indian status
7) Provincial or territorial identification card

BriskRemit will also match and beat any rate upon verification.

Information About the Source of Funds

For anti-money laundering purposes, BriskRemit may request additional information from you about the source of funds, prior to the funds being sent. Failure to meet this request will result in your account being either deactivated or closed and funds being returned to you.

Please note that all Transaction will appear on your Bank Statement as SnelTel

Which countries can I transfer money to?

Transfer money to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Democratic Rep of Congo, Congo, Benin, Mali, Chad & Uganda

It's so easy with BriskRemit

When you want to send money home to your friends and family in Nigeria, BriskRemit makes it easy for you. We also make it fast, safe and low cost. Plus, we offer you a choice of ways to send money there:

Bank transfers

Airtime top-ups

How do I pay for my transfer?

Sorry, we do not accept cash

BriskRemit does not accept cash as a means of paying for your money transfer.

As an online business, it would be very difficult for you to physically get the money to us. Also, for security reasons, it is important to know where money is coming from before it is sent abroad. It is much harder to do this with cash.

Debit & credit card

You can pay for your money transfer through BriskRemit using a debit or credit card in any of the countries where our service is available.

BriskRemit accepts Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. When paying with a credit card you may be charged a cash advance fee so please check with your card provider.

All payment processed through INTERAC

INTERAC: use internet banking details to make payment. You can find out about INTERAC on http://www.interac.ca/en/

Contact Information

Snel Telecommunications/BriskRemit
520 Ave M South
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 2K9, Canada

Phone No: + 1 833 336 9111

E-mail: briskcs@briskremit.com

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